About Us

six months into our membership, to our dismay, SocalBarf announced that it was ending. We were grateful to have met so many wonderful raw feeders but dissappointed that it was back to grocery stores and butcher shops. We began sourcing suppliers ourselves so that we could buy direct. After several frustrating months of trying out different suppliers, we finally settled on three that we felt we could establish a good working relationship with . 

Now we are forming relationships with former SoCalBarf members and other owners that are interested in feeding their pets the best possible source of nutrition they can offer.

Our mission is to offer our members a high quality cost effective source for raw meat that grocery stores and butcher shops cannot offer and to form an informative alliance with our members to grow and learn more about the best methods in caring for our pets nutritional health.


Pet food the way nature intended

We are Tami and Keon Achak. We began feeding our Doberman, Onyx, a raw fed diet at 8 weeks old, buying beef and chicken from grocery stores, butcher shops, and various markets. Not only was it expensive it was a lot of work.

We were fortunate enough to have come into contact with SocalBarf, a large entity that provided the raw food we needed in bulk and at great prices. After only about

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